Metron Analysis

Our people


Stratos Fanaras

Metron Analysis President & CEO
Stratos Fanaras is the President and CEO of Metron Analysis S.A. He specializes in sampling, design and analysis of social and electoral research and in strategic issues. In the past he has worked as a Manager of educational programs in the IT department of the National Centre for Public Administration, as a Statistical Analyst for the National Statistical Service and he taught Probability theory and Statistics in the Department of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. He is a graduate of the Mathematics Department of the University of Ioannina, specialized in data analysis (ΜSc Degree in Middlesex University) and received training in sampling techniques in the UK (Training of European Statisticians, University of Southampton). He has worked as a research and electoral strategy consultant for political parties and candidates in various elections, both in Greece and abroad. His interests include Philosophy of Mathematics and theories of mathematical and statistical models. He is a member of the Greek Mathematical Society, ESOMAR and WAPOR.
He has published two poetry collections: “The bitter story of A” (Athens Voice Publishing) and “Quanta: I look at you and you change” (Topos Books).


Angela Stathopoulou

Metron Analysis Partner Research Director
Angela Stathopoulou is a graduate of the Psychopedagogy Department of the Philosophical School of the University of Ioannina and holds a Diploma and a ΜSc Degree in Social Psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has extensive experience in Project Management – mainly in qualitative research on Politician and Public Figure Image, Investigation of Policy Dynamics for persons and social organisations, Corporate Image for large corporations and organisations in Greece, Social Research, as well as multiple Market Research projects, specializing in the food market, furniture market, energy market, consumer behaviour research and advertisement evaluation. From 1989 until 1997 she collaborated with a number of Universities on various research projects (University of Athens – Communication and Media Department, University of Patras – Pedagogical department, London School of Economics – Social Psychology Department) and taught in the National Centre for Public Administration. Since 2006 she is responsible for the coordination and Project Management of surveys for the European Union, such as Flash Eurobarometer, World Poll Survey, Europe’s Working Conditions Survey, etc. She is a representative of ESOMAR in Greece since 2013 and also a member of the British Psychological Society and of the Greek Society of Clinical Social Psychology. She has published and presented a significant number of papers in conferences and seminars.


Dimitris Boulamatsis

Metron Analysis Partner Research Director
Dimitris Boulamatsis is a graduate of the Mathematics Department of the University of Athens and holds a MSc Degree in Biometrics from the University of Reading in the UK. He is a member of the Greek Mathematical Society, the Greek Statistical Institute, the Royal Statistical Society, the Market Research Society and the Hellenic Pharmaceutical marketing Association. He has extensive research experience in the management and processing of sample surveys and market research projects. His know-how includes issues relating to sampling and survey design, coordination of projects, and statistical analysis and presentation of results.


Penny Apostolopoulou

Senior Research Executive
Penny Apostolopouloy is a statistical analyst and a Metron Analysis executive since 2001. She is a graduate of the Statistics Department of the Athens University of Economics and holds a Diploma in Marketing from the European Marketing Confederation. She is responsible for designing and organizing all of the research projects of Metron Analysis in the fields of political and social research. She specializes in secondary analysis and in social and political environment data analysis. She has participated in the exit polls conducted for ΑΝΤ1 TV in Greece and in Cyprus since 2002.


Eleni Fanara

IT Manager
Eleni Fanara is a graduate of the Department of Applied Informatics of the University of Macedonia and holds a MSc Degree in Decision Support Systems (DSS) from the University of Piraeus. At Metron Analysis she holds the position of IT Manager. She is responsible for the architecture and organisation of the company’s local network and also for new technologies that are implemented both in IT infrastructure and in the whole process of research, from data collection to data processing and producing the final deliverables. She has taken part in big projects that involved filling electronic questionnaires by using laptops, PDAs and tablet PCs, holding the position of IT coordinator.


Andreas Ellinas

Research Executive
Andreas Ellinas is a graduate of the Geology Department of the School of Science of the University of Athens. He has experience in electronic data entry software for quantitative research as well as in telephone survey software. His contribution as a Research Assistant for Metron Analysis relates to support in preparing the questionnaires of various kinds of surveys, as well as the analysis and preparation of survey results.


Nancy Anastasopoulou

Research Executive
Nancy Anastasopoulou is a Sociologist graduate of the University of the Aegean, holds an MSc degree in Social Research, University of Edinburgh with specialisation in research methods and techniques and she has experience in conduction of qualitative research projects. As a Research Executive in Metron Analysis she participates in qualitative market, political and social research programmes undertaking all stages of the research projects: from the design, moderation of focus groups and in-depth interviews, to qualitative data analysis and generation of results.


Panagiotis Ktenas

IT Assistant
Panagiotis Ktenas is a graduate of the Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics of University of Patras. As an IT Assistant in Metron Analysis he is responsible for the support of the information system of the company, as well as the day-to-day end-users support and technical problems solving. Additionally, he is specializing on script writing both for telephone (CATI) and web (CAWI) surveys.


Ermina Diamanti

Responsible for Field Management
Ermina Diamanti has worked for Metron Analysis since 1999 and took up Field Management duties in 2019. She is a graduate of the Department of International and European Studies of Panteion University. Her main duties include the conduction and supervision of quantitative surveys. Her know-how includes issues related to preparing the surveys, coordinating and supervising quality controls and the selection of participants to the company’s surveys.


Eftychia Basdeki

Field Supervisor
Eftychia Basdeki is a graduate of Panteion University’s Sociology department. She also holds an MSc degree in Criminology. She started working at the telephone survey (CATI) department in 2014. Since 2017 she has moved to F2F survey department of the company as a Field Supervisor. She is responsible for the preparation and supervision of the fieldwork of quantitative surveys, as well as their quality control implementation. She is also responsible for the recruiting of participants for the company’s qualitative surveys.


Dina Giailoglou

Cati Manager
Dina Giailoglou has worked for Metron Analysis since 1999 and is Head of the telephone surveys department. She organises and supervises the telephone surveys conducted using the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) system of Metron Analysis, in Greece and in Cyprus. Her main responsibilities include ensuring compliance with the code of conduct of ESOMAR/AGMORC and intensive quality control of the surveys. She has a 15 year experience in research and has completed demanding and complex projects. She is constantly informed and trained in issues relating to new technologies and developments in the field of research.


Lefki Samiotou

Cati supervisor
Lefki Samiotou is a supervisor in the telephone survey department. She has worked for Metron Analysis since 1996 and her responsibilities include supervising the proper and correct conduction of telephone surveys. She has also supervised field surveys as a field supervisor, acquiring significant experience in conducting survey projects regardless of methodology.


Nikos Moutafis

Media monitoring supervisor
Nikos Moutfis is a graduate of the Communication and Media Department of Panteion University and has worked for Metron Analysis since 2001. Since 2004 he is the supervisor of the company’s department and his responsibilities include designing and supervising the conduction of media monitoring projects.


Margarita Vlachogianni

Personal Assistant
Margarita Vlachogianni is a graduate of the Business Administration Department of Deree College. Her cooperation with Metron Analysis started in 2006 in the field department. Since 2008 she has worked as Personal Assistant to the company’s President and CEO. Her main responsibilities include managing and organising issues related to the CEO and his obligations, as well as secretarial support and organisation of the company.


Σοφία Γόγα

Research assistant
Sofia Goga is a graduate of the Department of Political Science and public Administration of the University of Athens. She has worked for Metron Analysis since 2004 as a CEO Secretary and later became responsible for the company’s secretarial support. She is responsible for managing and organizing the offers for participation in tenders by private and public bodied. In the last few years she has been responsible for Client Service, with an emphasis on the house equipment market and the infant and children’s’ purchases market.


Maria Kastrinaki

Accounting assistant
Maria Kastrinaki is a Professional Education Institute graduate in the field of Economics and Administration, specialized in Accounting. She began working in accounting in 2000 and has worked in Metron Analysis since 2006. Her main responsibilities include the company’s bookkeeping and payroll. She is a user of bookkeeping and payroll software and is in constant training regarding the developments in tax and labour issues.