Metron Analysis

Qualitative control

In order to ensure the quality of the collected data the staff and interviewers of Metron Analysis that participate in surveys are extensively trained on issues related to the scope of the project.
At the same time, the work of our interviewers is supervised daily on a local level by our supervisors, so that it can be evaluated and the necessary instructions and clarification can be provided where needed.

Response rate:
One significant qualitative index for the reliability of the collected data is the high response rate and the participation of respondents in the fieldwork.
Apart from the various methods of increasing the public’s participation rate (e.g. incentives), the experience of interviewers in similar surveys plays an important part. For this reason, the interviewers that take part in Metron Analysis surveys are chosen based on their relevant experience in fieldwork.

Qualitive controls:
During the fieldwork we conduct constant quality control of the collected data, including:

  • Listen-in for 30% of telephone interviews conducted from the company’s call centre.
  • Telephone re-contact for 30% of the questionnaires collected by each interviewer and on-the-spot checks if needed.
  • Logical integrity checks and electronic checks for 100% of questionnaires, by developing appropriate error tracking code.

Data Analysis:
Data analysis focuses firstly on the necessary checks for sample representativeness, on monitoring response rates and on ascertaining the need to implement post-weighting techniques.
During the data analysis stage we use all the necessary analysis techniques that are required by the type of data (e.g. Chaid Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Regression analysis, MDS, Reliability analysis).

Metron Analysis implements the guidelines of Data Collection Quality Control, a body set up by AGMORC to evaluate interviewer training, data collection and interview control.
Our company’s certification in these areas is a guarantee of the high quality services we offer.